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Portuguese Case Study : Carcavelos, Torre & Santo Amaro Bathing waters


Case Study Description
The Portuguese case study addresses bathing water quality and related health issues.

Three bathing waters nearby Lisbon - Carcavelos, Torre and Santo Amaro de Oeiras - were chosen to locally implement and validate lenvis.

Current Situation:

These bathing waters usually  have good  water quality. However they can be exposed to short-term pollution events, mainly from 3 local stream discharges (Sassoeiros, Marianas and Laje streams) that can considerably affect the water quality.


Under extrem rain events, other streams can also influence the bathing water quality: Porto-Salvo, Barcarena, Jamor, Junça and Algés. These streams are generally characterised has having bad water quality mainly due to faecal contamination that occurs upstream.


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